College of Health Professions Degrees and Programs

The College of Health Professions at 49ͼ offers a variety of health professions degree programs from undergraduate through doctoral levels. The College also has a post-doctoral dental residency and the Scientific Foundations Division.

School of Oral Health


The Advanced Education in General Dentistry program is a one-year, postdoctoral education program that offers dentists the opportunity for advanced comprehensive clinical experience. This is the only dentistry education training in Kansas. Dental residents practice in the state-of-the-art 49ͼ General Dentistry Practice facility.

This is a postdoctoral residency program.

Dental Hygiene student

The Department of Dental Hygiene has two bachelor of science degree programs: an entry-level program for those seeking a license in dental hygiene and a degree completion program for licensed hygienists. Entry-level students work alongside experienced dental hygiene faculty clinicians in the Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation Dental Hygiene Clinic. Degree completion students complete their degree in a flexible, online program.

This program offers bachelor degrees.




nursing students work on manikin

School of Nursing

Strengthen your skills, impact lives and take your nursing career to the next level at Wichita State. Our accredited bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs prepare tomorrow’s leaders for nursing practice in a variety of settings and help meet the demand for all levels of nursing services. We offer traditional and nontraditional programs, giving students a variety of ways to earn a degree in nursing.

This program offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.



School of Health Sciences

audiologist performs exam on patient

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Students in communication sciences and disorders learn to apply scientific and behavioral knowledge and clinical skills to provide services to people with communication difficulties. Graduate students pursuing speech-language pathology or audiology degrees provide services to people across the lifespan at the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic.

This program offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Medical Laboratory Sciences student

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical laboratory professionals test and provide laboratory results that assist medical professionals in diagnosing and treating patients. Clinical laboratory professionals use sophisticated technology to examine and analyze body fluids, tissues and cells.

This program offers a bachelor's degree.

PA examines a patient

Physician Associate

PAs are licensed clinicians who practice medicine in every specialty and setting.  Trusted, rigorously educated and trained, PAs expand access to healthcare and transform health and wellness through patient-centered, team-based medical practice.  PAs conduct medical histories, physical exams, diagnose, order tests, develop treatment plans, prescribe medication, counsel on preventive care, perform procedures, assist in surgery, make hospital rounds, and do clinical research.

This program offers a master's degree.

PT student works with patient

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy program develops practitioners who are fully trained to diagnose, restore, and prevent various physical injuries, conditions and dysfunctions. From acute care to rehabilitation and wellness, our graduates are integral members of the collaborative team in a variety of settings and provide highly specialized services. PTs are increasingly part of emergency departments, and at times serve as primary health care providers, particularly in rural areas.

This program offers a doctoral degree.

Spatial epidemiology

Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences students lead, manage, or prepare for further study in health administration, clinical health care, or senior living. Learn from healthcare administrators, aging and public health experts to address the complex challenges of the healthcare system.

This program offers a certificate, bachelor's, and master's degrees.


simulation manikin

Scientific Foundations Division

The Scientific Foundations Division (SFD) in the College of Health Professions is comprised of general and clinical health science courses. The SFD enables students to build the foundational tools early in their college career that are critical for success in the upper division and graduate coursework in health-related professions. The SFD is also home to our state-of-the-art human simulation and gross anatomy laboratories.



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