College of Health Professions (CHP) Scholarships

The College of Health Professions’ (CHP) scholarships and/or fellowships are for students that are admitted and enrolled in a professional CHP degree program at Wichita State University. Students must have a scholarship application on file and possess a cumulative 3.0 GPA for consideration of award.

About CHP Scholarships

The College of Health Professions awards over $300,000 each year in scholarships to CHP majors. These awards are made possible by our generous donors, which allow us to provide over 200 students with financial assistance as they pursue their degrees at 49ͼ.



How Do I Apply for a CHP Scholarship?

Most University, College, and Departmental Scholarships will use the ScholarshipUniverse master application for the current academic year. Application submissions open November 1st, with their deadlines posted in the system.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Read the directions for submitting specific essays and other required documents, as additional information is required for certain awards.

Scholarship Submission Requirements

Step 3

  • Complete a ScholarshipUniverse Application
  • Answer matching questions in ScholarshipUniverse
  • Review and apply to matched scholarships
  • For additional assistance, review the Financial Aid Scholarship Tips webpage.

ScholarshipUniverse Application 

Step 4

  • Turn in essays and other required documents, if necessary, by the deadlines using the link in Step 2.

Need Help?

For further assistance please contact:

Dean's Office
Scholarship and Events Coordinator
College of Health Professions
Ahlberg Hall - 400
(316) 978-3600 

Additional 49ͼ and Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Students can find information on, and apply for, additional scholarship opportunities using this link: Organizational and Outside Scholarships.

Immediate Financial Assistance

Do you need immediate financial assistance?

If you need immediate financial assistance, and have already submitted applications for scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.  They will be able to meet with you to discuss potential payment arrangements and funding opportunities you may have missed.

Schedule an Appointment with Office of Financial Aid